Dachshund can’t move back legs, what to do?

Dachshund cannot move hind legs

Dachshunds are an unusual looking breed with their distinctive short limbs and long body shape. Their unique shape is a great asset to their historical role as hunters of burrowing animals. Unfortunately, their elongated body type also makes Dachshunds prone to a variety of problems with their backs and spines that can lead to paralysis. […]

Hypoallergenic Huksy? You don’t need them

Hypoallergenic Huksy

Owners who have allergies tend to shy away from breeds such as Husky because it is a dog that sheds a lot of hair. This is a common myth that is completely bogus and this article will tell you why you don’t need a hypoallergenic husky.   It is not the hair that cause allergy […]

Head to head review: dyson groom vs furminator

dyson groom vs furminator

Dyson has been known for its bagless vacuum so I took immediate notice when I know about the Dyson Groom. Granted, it is not a 2016 product but I didn’t spend my days checking on the latest dog gadgets 🙂 Essentially, the Dyson Groom, as the name implies is a grooming product for removing dog’s […]

What is the best scooter for Husky

scooter for husky

Buying husky harness or bed is common but a scooter? If you are not into dog scootering then it might a new thing. However, if you are aware of this growing sports in the UK and US, then getting a scooter is not uncommon. Imagine them as a summer version of a snow sled and […]

Understanding boxer breed – history, temperament, health and more

Understanding boxer breed

Originated from Germany, this breed’s ancestors are thought to be dogs such as the Great Dane, the Bulldog and a hunting dog named Bullenbeisser. This german word, meaning ‘bull biter’, is thought to have been the origin of the Boxer’s name. The Bullenbeisser was originally used for hunting large animals and it was only in […]

How shock collars work

How shock collars work

Shock collars are frequently used as a dog training tool. Simply put, the shock collar is placed around the dog’s neck, like an ordinary collar. It possesses an electronic portion and this will emit an electric shock if the remote control gets activated. In other words, the dog will receive an electric shock on his […]

How to keep a dog cool at the beach

How to keep a dog cool at the beach

Nothing could be better than a warm day at the beach spent relaxing, playing in the waves, and soaking up the sun except, of course, doing so with Fido in tow! After all, being outdoors with man’s best friend is a no-brainer: most pups love water, sunbathing, and the feel of sand beneath their feet […]

What is the best dog cooling pad and coat?

dog cooling coat review

With summer coming in a few months, it is time to prepare the home for our dog. The minimal you should have is a dog water fountain which ensures it doesn’t become thirsty.  Another thing you should look at is cooling gear for the dog. Currently, there are many different products in the market from […]

Best tasting dog food recommendations and advice

Best tasting dog food

Choosing the right food for your dog can be an exhausting and complex task. There are hundreds of different dog food brands that present themselves in a variety of forms: it can be dry, wet or raw; it can be presented as kibble, pate, powder or even liquid. And what about non-commercial dog food? While […]